Notice to Tourists
1. The electronic ticket system is applied in this scenic area. Please keep the ticket for the second check into the Main Pavilion.
2. People who enjoy half-price ticket or free ticket must be checked their valid ID before entering the scenic area.
3. Minors and the disabled must be accompanied by their guardians when entering the scenic area. Do not travel alone to avoid any accident.
4. Please be aware of safety and tour orderly in the scenic routes.
5. Open flames are prohibited in the scenic area. Do not carry inflammable, explosive or toxic substances to the scenic area and smoking is not allowed in the Main Pavilion.
6. Please keep the scenic area clean and protect flowers and trees and do not carry pets into the scenic area.
7. Please take care of tourist resources and public facilitates and do not scrawl in the scenic area or climb over the safety barriers.
8. Large items can be deposited in the Tourist Center for free. Keep your valuables with you.
9. Tour guides who keeps tourist certificate awarded by National Tourism Administration can enter the scenic area.
10. Do not fight, affray, hit the bottle, gamble together or commit other acts disturbing public older.
11. Any illegal or criminal acts are prohibited within the scenic area.
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Complaints Telephone: 0791-86702055
Rescue Telephone: 0791-86704236
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